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Aluminum-plastic separator provides new technical support for recycling and utilization of waste aluminum-plastic composite materials

Publish date:2024-05-14 15:05:20Pageviews:

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The emergence of aluminum-plastic separator has brought great convenience to life. Aluminum-plastic separator is mainly used to deal with various scrap aluminum-plastic 

products produced in life, such as aluminum-plastic tubes, aluminum-plastic bottle caps, aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum-plastic flexible packaging and medical boards and 

other aluminum-containing raw materials, the equipment through crushing, sorting, to achieve the recycling of waste aluminum-plastic products. Aluminum-plastic separation and 

recycling equipment production line adopts the production process of crushing, pulverizing, grinding, screening and sorting of waste aluminum-plastic products to separate 

aluminum and plastic. 

There is no need to add water and heating in the process of aluminum-plastic separation, and there will be no waste water and waste gas generation, which 

will not pollute the environment. It can realize the physical separation of metal and nonmetal in broken aluminum plastic, which is the best technology for harmless treatment and 

resource utilization of aluminum plastic at present. In order to prevent dust pollution in the process of processing, a bag dust removal device is added after the wind separation 

process to effectively solve the problem of dust pollution. The aluminum-plastic separator provides strong technical support for the recycling and utilization of waste 

aluminum-plastic composite materials, and also improves the quality of recycled aluminum products. 

The aluminum-plastic separator broadens the application field, promotes the green development of the industry, and contributes to China's resource recovery. The waste 

aluminum-plastic separator has brought important opportunities for energy saving and environmental protection, and has contributed to the development of low-carbon and 

resource-saving green economy to realize the recycling of waste aluminum-plastic board.