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Waste lithium batteries into recycling to be standardized

Publish date:2024-02-20 14:30:40Pageviews:


Interviewed experts and enterprises said that the recycling of used lithium batteries can not only solve the environmental problems caused by decommissioned lithium batteries, but also help make up for the shortage of key mineral resources such as lithium, cobalt and nickel in China. When the "retirement tide" of new energy vehicle power batteries is approaching, it is appropriate to focus on regulating recycling channels, formulating industry standards, and strengthening supervision to promote the healthy development of the waste lithium battery recycling industry.

First of all, standardize the recycling channels and improve the traceability mechanism. Dr. Weng Yaqing, Institute of Applied Chemistry, Jiangxi Academy of Sciences, believes that the recycling process of waste lithium batteries often produces pollutants such as waste gas, wastewater and heavy metal waste residues, and green environmental protection is particularly important in the process of recycling to comprehensive utilization. Hu Jian and others suggested that the state raise the threshold for the recycling of used lithium batteries, and establish a unified national trading platform for used lithium batteries, which will help standardize the recycling channels of used lithium batteries and achieve the traceability of used lithium batteries.

Secondly, formulate standards to guide the healthy development of the industry. Shen Zuying, minister of the three Power Division of Jiangling Group New Energy Automobile Co., LTD., and others suggested that national standards such as recycling evaluation and value evaluation of used lithium batteries should be developed as soon as possible to lead the healthy development of the industry. Meng Dejiang said that the application of waste lithium batteries in a wide range of industries, you can first determine the specific industry, and then stand in the application point of view to develop specific standards to ensure that the implementation is more operable.

In addition, it is also necessary to strengthen supervision to ensure that the system is effective. Liao Longjiang and others said that the design and original intention of the "white list" system is good, but the good system must rely on the concerted efforts of multiple departments, ecological environment, market supervision, transportation and other departments should strengthen supervision, such as increasing investigation and punishment of processing plants with incomplete qualifications, regular inspections of lithium bicycle distribution stores, social waste recycling points, and vehicles transporting used lithium batteries. Gradually guide the development of the entire industry to be more standardized, professional and safe.