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Lithium battery recycling equipment to solve the shortage of lithium resources

Publish date:2024-03-04 14:46:27Pageviews:

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With the popularity of electric vehicles, smartphones, tablets and other electronic products, the demand for lithium batteries is increasing, and it has also brought about the elimination of waste lithium batteries. How to recycle lithium batteries has become a major challenge. For this reason, there are lithium battery crushing and separation equipment specially designed for lithium battery recycling, crushing and sorting.

The lithium battery crushing and separating equipment is composed of conveying system, crushing system, screening system, cooling system, sampling system, control system and so on. The waste lithium battery is broken one by one under the drive of the conveying system, under the action of the crushing system, the lithium battery is broken into particles of about 2-5 mm in size, and under the action of the cooling system, the stability of the entire process is ensured.

Next, under the action of the screening system, lithium batteries of different particle sizes can be screened to facilitate the next step of process processing. Under the action of the sampling system, different particles can be sampled to ensure the stability of quality and the accuracy of detection.

In this way, through the operation of the lithium battery crushing and separation equipment, the crushing and separation of lithium batteries can be achieved in a short time, and the useful lithium-ion batteries, inorganic substances and other materials can be separated to facilitate secondary utilization or treatment. For these separated materials, they can be recycled or properly disposed of to achieve the common goals of environmental protection, resource conservation and economic benefits.

In short, the introduction of lithium battery crushing and separation equipment can not only quickly and efficiently recycle waste lithium batteries, but also greatly reduce the burden on the industrial and environmental fields, and realize the promotion of circular economy.