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The main uses and precautions of waste material shredder

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Waste material shredder is specially used to deal with waste materials, in order to reduce the volume of materials, so as to reduce the required space for storing waste materials to a greater extent. At the same time, when the waste must be mechanically transported before storage, it can also simplify the system, the 

better protection method is to install the nozzle on the shredder feed box, if the shredder is fed by wine lees, you must make proper arrangements to bypass the shredder, because the shredder often needs to be repaired. All bypass areas and storage areas should also be equipped with sprinkler heads and enclosed in 

fire-resistant rooms with more appropriate fire doors. Shredder discharge also needs to have sprinkler protection. The occurrence of the explosion is that the 

shredder can appear in the process of use, although the possibility is less, but the danger still exists. During the operation of the shredder, the dust mixture that 

can explode is often filled around the equipment and in the air. If there is an open flame, it can directly cause an explosion, and the lethality is greater. The 

protection method we generally recommend is to install an explosion-proof system in the machine room of the shredder, and set up an explosive exhaust port, 

the exhaust port is above the shredder, so as to safely ease the rapidly rising pressure and impact, thereby reducing the occurrence of explosions.