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Aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment

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With the development of The Times, aluminum-plastic materials in various fields of human life have been widely used, but they have not been reasonably recycled. The waste aluminum-plastic treatment equipment developed by our company can be used in the crushing and separation of aluminum-plastic board, aluminum-plastic board bottom corner material, aluminum-plastic pipe, medicine board, composite aluminum-plastic wire, plaster skin, Wahaha bottle cap, composite aluminum-plastic seal and other aluminum-plastic mixed materials.

The process of aluminum-plastic separation and recovery equipment is to first prepare a large number of aluminum-plastic materials into the crusher, secondary crushing and three-stage grinding powder dissociation, and then through the rotary vibration screen to screen the material that will meet the strength requirements, and separate the plastic and aluminum through the double-roller electrostatic separator, the separation purity can reach 99%. The production line has a high degree of automation, high processing efficiency, simple operation, convenient installation, a variety of assembly methods, can be adapted to different places. All the processes are physical sorting, no heating, combustion and chemistry, the whole process is very environmentally friendly, no pollution.

The quality and performance of the aluminum-plastic separation and recycling processing equipment are guaranteed, and the environmental performance is better. At present, many investors are also investing more and more in this industry, which is also a good investment hotspot, and also determines its future development prospects. Aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment is very convenient in use, does not require too much labor, automated procedures make the operator use more quickly, while the use of electrostatic separation method, can be a good separation effect, to achieve the ideal state, to meet the industrial requirements for aluminum, so as to better apply to the market.