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Lithium battery recycling equipment uses unique pyrolysis technology

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The lithium battery recycling and processing equipment uses a unique pyrolysis technology to cleverly decompose PVDF and other binder in copper aluminum 

foil. When the binder disappears, the battery powder falls off naturally like falling leaves, which is both efficient and pure. This set of lithium battery recycling 

equipment, its battery powder recovery purity and recovery rate are up to 98%. Based on the current market price, processing only 10,000 tons of ternary 

lithium batteries can bring millions of additional benefits to customers.

The recycling of lithium batteries requires not only efficiency and safety, but also cleanliness. Only by finding the perfect balance between these three can we 

realize the win-win situation of economic benefit and ecological benefit. This set of lithium battery recovery equipment, from sealed crushing to medium 

temperature thermal decomposition, each step is carefully designed to ensure that whether it is a square shell or a cylindrical lithium battery, it can achieve high

purity separation of each component.

In terms of cleaning and recycling, the lithium battery recycling equipment is a full effort. Through environmental protection design, the negative pressure 

purification system, black powder collection, deep purification process and other technologies are used to ensure that the power battery recycling system is 

both environmentally friendly and clean, and will not produce secondary pollution. Compared to the traditional process, the dust carried by the exhaust gas is 

reduced by more than 50%, while meeting the pollutant emission standards around the world, and truly realize the green recycling.

This subversive process and equipment manufacturing technology provides a strong guarantee for the efficient, safe and clean recycling of lithium batteries. 

Today, Toeco lithium battery recycling equipment has established cooperative relations with leading battery and material production enterprises around the 

world, and has won extensive attention and high recognition in Europe, North America, Singapore, Australia and other markets. Toeco Machinery 

takes practical actions to promote the recycling of lithium battery resources to intelligent, green and standardized, showing the power of science and 

technology and the responsibility of environmental protection.