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Scrap crushing production line

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Scrap crushing production line is used to produce scrap crushing and sorting equipment, mainly used for scrap car body, scrap home appliance shell, scrap 

bicycle, motorcycle frame and other thin and light scrap material with wall thickness less than 6mm purification. After the treatment of the equipment, the 

impurities such as plastic, rubber and rust in the waste materials are removed, and the content of pure scrap steel crushing material is produced for steel 


How it works:

Scrap car body, scrap home appliance shell, scrap bicycle, motorcycle frame and other light scrap steel, through the feed chain conveyor into the double rod 

roller for pre-pressing treatment, and then into the scrap crusher for crushing, the broken semi-finished products through the vibration discharge machine, belt 

conveyor into the magnetic separator for magnetic separation, qualified materials into the finished product discharge belt conveyor to the finished product area. 

Plastics, rubber, rust, etc. are sent to the non-magnetic material area through the non-magnetic belt conveyor to complete the crushing and sorting treatment.

Equipment composition:

The basic equipment of scrap crushing production line includes: feed chain plate conveyor, double rod roller, scrap crusher, vibration discharge machine, 

magnetic separator, belt conveyor and so on. If non-ferrous metal sorting is required, a non-ferrous metal sorting machine shall be provided; Installation of 

additional air separation systems requiring wind separation; Dust removal system for dust removal.

Suitable materials for handling:

1. Scrap car body (except engine, gear box, tires, etc.); Production lines below 500kw need to decompose the scrap car body into blocks no larger than 600*600mm.

2, cans, paint buckets (remove paint, thinner).

3, home appliances (except motors, compressors, shafts, etc.).

4, bicycles, motorcycle racks and other similar domestic waste.

5, other scrap steel (such as density is not greater than 0.65T/m³ packing block), thickness ≤6mm length width ≤0.4m steel plate, steel, color steel tile, steel 

products structural parts.

Materials not suitable for handling:

1, sealed containers, conduits, etc., may cause explosion, fire items.

2, sealed high-pressure gas storage tank (liquefied gas bottle, etc.).

3, iron block more than 10kg, steel plate more than 6mm; Section steel, rail; Wire, steel wire, steel wire; Class of axes; Motor, reducer, compressor, etc.

4, the proportion of the product is about 1.0T/m³, the product recovery rate is more than 90%.