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Aluminum-plastic separator

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With the development of The Times, aluminum-plastic materials in various fields of human life have been widely used, but they have not been reasonably recycled. The aluminum of aluminum-plastic plate and other aluminum-plastic waste recovered by the aluminum-plastic separator can maintain the original quality of 

aluminum, and can recycle plastics and other advantages, which can produce greater economic benefits.

The separation of aluminum-plastic board adopts the form of environmentally friendly aluminum-plastic board separation production line, and the whole set of waste aluminum-plastic production line is composed of shredder, crusher, air separator, electrostatic separator, pulse dust collector and other equipment. The 

method of dry crushing, crushing and separation, air sorting machine and electrostatic sorting machine is used to separate the aluminum and plastic particles of the aluminum-plastic plate, and the separated aluminum and plastic particles can be sold separately. It realizes the resource regeneration of aluminum-plastic 

board and turns waste into treasure. It not only alleviates the pollution of aluminum plastic waste to the environment, but also the user gets rich profits from it.