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Metal scrap crusher in Indonesia

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Metal scrap crusher is an advanced scrap metal crushing equipment, the whole equipment includes loading conveyor, scrap crusher, discharge conveyor, 

magnetic sorting machine and control cabinet, etc., for relatively large materials such as color steel tile, large oil drum, scrap car shell scrap thin material, can be broken before adding a two-axis metal shredder pre-broken into small pieces, Then enter the scrap crusher processing, can increase the crushing efficiency, 

through the shredding, crushing, sorting system combination to form a complete scrap crushing production line, automatic processing, improve the efficiency of material processing, scrap crushing clean without impurities, material type full, high specific gravity.

Scrap crusher production line process flow:

Scrap material is extruded, cut, and shredded into evenly sized sheets by the two rows of rotating blades of the double-shaft metal shredder, and then fed into 

the scrap crusher through the conveyor belt. After the high-speed rotating impact of the hammer head in the crushing chamber, the paint, plastic and other 

impurities on the surface of the scrap steel fall off and are broken into particles, which are transported out of the discharge port. After the magnetic separator 

separates the impurities and the scrap crushing material, the pure scrap crushing material comes out of the conveyor.

The above is about the process flow of metal scrap crusher production line introduction, because the discharge is granular, so scrap crusher is also called scrap 

crusher, metal ball machine, scrap ball machine, metal playing machine, etc., can systematically deal with scrap steel, scrap aluminum and other scrap metal, 

greatly improve the crushing efficiency, improve material purity, reduce loss, improve economic value.