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The working process of the feeding equipment of 400 dry copper wire recycling machine

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400 dry-type copper wire recycling machine is a crushing machine that crushes waste cables into copper rice through crushing equipment, and strips and separates the protective layer outside the copper wire, so it is used in the waste resource recycling industry. In the process of using the existing small copper wire recycling machine, because the feeding port is too high, the cable needs to be lifted and put in manually during the feeding process. If a large batch of cables is crushed , will greatly increase the labor intensity of labor; and during the working process of the copper wire recycling machine, it is necessary to put the cables into the feeding port in batches, so as to avoid the blockage caused by too many cables in the process of crushing the cables The phenomenon will greatly increase the frequency of manual feeding, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.


The feeding equipment of the 400 dry-type copper wire recycling machine includes a frame on which a drive motor, a transmission device, a control box, a crushing mechanism and a baffle plate are installed, and a feeding box is movable on both sides of the crushing mechanism, and There is a feeding port on one side of the surface of the feeding box, a feeding motor is fixedly installed in the middle of one side of the feeding box, and feeding rods are installed on both sides of the inner wall of the feeding box, and the number of feeding rods is two , the output shaft of the feed motor and the feed rod are fixedly installed, and the side walls of the feed rod are respectively fixedly installed with limited flow wheels. The feeding box is installed on the feeding oil cylinder, so that when the cable is processed, it only needs to be put into the inner cavity of the feeding box, and then the feeding box is pushed up by the feeding cylinder, so that the cable is sent It is processed in the crushing mechanism, thereby reducing the labor level of manual lifting, and the purpose of automatic feeding.

The 400 dry-type copper wire recycling machine drives the current limiting wheel to rotate through the feeding motor, so that during the feeding process of the cables in the feed box, the rotation of the current limiting wheel slows down the feeding of the cables, and then The phenomenon of blockage of the crushing mechanism caused by excessive feeding is avoided, and the purpose of controlling the feeding rate is achieved.