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Aluminum Plastic Waste Recycling System Delivered To Australia Client

Publish date:2023-11-10 10:02:39Pageviews:

Place of use:Australia

Equipment:1000 kg/h  Copper Wire Recycling System

Application:aluminum-plastic waste recycling, ect. 


All kinds of aluminum plastic board, waste plastic aluminum, toothpaste tubes, medicine blister packs, medicine capsules plate, pharmaceutical blister foil, aluminum and plastic boards, various aluminum panels, waste aluminum plastic food bags, milk bags, yogurt foil sealing lids, bottle neck foil lids, aseptic foil lids waste, electrical circuit board, aluminium laminate, aluminum composite panel, aluminum composite pipe, aluminum plastic board, leftover and pieces of aluminum plastic board etc.

The whole system is composed of plastic crusher, grinding mill, dust collector, vibrating screen, electrostatic separator and other equipments.