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200-300kg/h Medical Blister Pack Recycling Machine was successfully installed in Lebanon

Publish date:2023-10-27 13:46:37Pageviews:

In September of 2022, a customer from Lebanon concluded a contract for a 200-300kg/h blister packaging recycling machine. This innovative machine is designed to process waste aluminum-plastic composite materials, including medical blister bags, aluminum-plastic composite boards, and packaging. Known as an aluminum-plastic separator, this recycling equipment can process 200-300 kg of materials per hour through a series of efficient processes such as crushing, grinding, and electrostatic sorting. What makes this machine truly remarkable is its ability to achieve dry physical separation, ensuring no waste water, no chemicals, and no pollution.


The customer discovered the blister packaging recycling machine they were searching for by using popular search engines like Google. They also came across our products on social platforms such as YouTube, where they found our recycling solutions to be highly suitable for their needs. Impressed by what they saw, the customer reached out to our company via phone to discuss their specific requirements. They explained that they needed to process old aluminum-plastic medicine boards. Following detailed conversations, our sales team recommended the aluminum-plastic separator capable of handling 200-300kg per hour. This particular machine specializes in separating aluminum powder and plastic powder from aluminum-plastic composite boards and medical packaging. The separated aluminum powder can be sold directly to aluminum recycling plants and fireworks factories, while the PVC powder can be marketed as a reprocessed material. The Lebanonn customer promptly purchased the aluminum-plastic separator in June 2022, securing a machine that could effectively process 200-300 kg of material per hour.
Adhering to our standard procedure, we conducted a thorough field test before delivering the machine to the customer. After successful testing, the machine was shipped from China to Lebanon and installed within a month's time. Our team ensured a smooth delivery and installation process, guaranteeing that the customer could start utilizing their recycling machine without delay.
This transaction signifies a significant step towards sustainable waste management practices in Lebanon. By investing in advanced recycling technology, our customer is actively contributing to the preservation of the environment while also unlocking the economic potential of recycled materials. The medical blister pack recycling machine not only tackles the pressing issue of waste generated by the healthcare industry but also provides valuable raw materials that can be reintroduced into the market.