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Lithium battery recycling production line loading container

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In the future, the recycling of waste power lithium batteries will form a very large market. This is not only because of the increasing number of power lithium 

batteries, but also because the composition and structure of lithium batteries are more complex, Including steel/aluminum shell, aluminum collector positive 

electrode load of lithium cobalt/lithium iron phosphate/lithium nickel cobalt manganese, copper/nickel/steel collector fluid load of carbon, polyolefin porous 

membrane, lithium hexafluorophosphate/lithium perchlorate dimethyl carbonate/vinyl carbonate/methyl ethyl carbonate solution, if not recovered, will have a great impact on the environment. After recycling, many materials can be reused through technical extraction. For environmental protection and resource reuse 

considerations, the recycling of power lithium batteries is very necessary.

Attero Recycling, India's largest e-waste recycling company, plans to build its second lithium-ion recycling plant in India, eyeing the opportunities presented by the growing popularity of electric vehicles and electric vehicle batteries, Digitimes reported.

According to PTI and The Economic Times, Attero has announced that it will invest INR 6 billion ($72.4 million) to set up an advanced integrated lithium-ion battery recycling plant in Telangana.

The plant will help Attero increase its recycling capacity from the current 4,500 tonnes to 19,500 tonnes by the end of 2023. The company plans to reach a total capacity of 300,000 tonnes of lithium-ion batteries by 2027, with 35 per cent of global capacity in Europe, 35 per cent in the US, 20 per cent in India and 10 per cent in Indonesia.

In early 2022, Attero announced a $1 billion investment in the construction of recycling plants in Poland, Ohio, and Indonesia, with the Polish plant coming online in the fourth quarter of 2022, the Ohio plant in the third quarter of 2023, and the Indonesia plant in the first quarter of 2024.

Attero, supported by the World Bank, employs proprietary and globally patented Avant grade recycling technology and has the world's highest RER (recycling efficiency) at 98%. Through capacity expansion, Attero plans to meet 15% of the world's lithium ion demand, 15% of its cobalt demand and 15% of its graphite demand.

Nitin Gupta, CEO and co-founder of Attero Recycling, was quoted by PV Magazine as saying that Telangana is an ideal location as it is the hub of the electric vehicle industry and is creating an enabling environment for the adoption of zero emissions.