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  • PCB Circuit Board Recycle Plant
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  • PCB Circuit Board Recycle Plant
  • Waste PCB gold recycling plant
  • PCB scrap separating machine
  • PCB board recyclable machine

PCB Recycling Production Line

Product Name: PCB Circuit Board Recycle Plant Capacity: 100-1200 Kg/Hour Power: 37-110 Kw Motor 3 Phase Voltage: Custom manufacturing Application: The waste circuit board recycling plant is used to separate metals and non-metals in materials such as waste circuit boards, copper clad laminates, circuit boards and scraps, to recover copper and resin powder.
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Product Details

Product Introduce

The PCB circuit board recycling production line is used to separate metals and resin powder from waste PCB boards and scraps, it equips with high-voltage electrostatic separation technology is used to make the separation more fine and efficient, and control the loss of non-ferrous metals. 

The sorting rate can meet more than 99%.


Structural Feature

1. The entire assembly line uses the PLC intelligent programming automatic control and man-machine interface touch screen, so that the even feeding of the entire production line and coordinated work can be realized.

2. Compact structure, reasonable layout, stable performance, noise reduction treatment of the crushing equipment.

3. The crushing part uses shredding, smashing and crushing processes, and circulating water cooling is used inside and outside the crushing chamber.

4. Use the negative pressure feeding system and pulse dust removal system to purify the working environment.

5. The sorting part adopts the proportion sorting combined with the static careful selection, so that the metal recovery rate can reach up to more than 99%. 

Working Principle

waste circuit board recycling production line: the first crusher adopts a double-shaft shredding type, the second crusher adopts a hammer crusher, and the third-level crusher adopts a high-speed turbine crusher. The material is pulverized into powder by three-stage pulverization, and then sorted by air separation equipment and electrostatic separation equipment. The structure of this production line is novel and unique; the production capacity is large and the power consumption is low; one feeding is completed by multi-machine cooperation; the entire production line is controlled by PLC. The successful development of this machine not only improves the quality of recycled copper, but also prevents secondary pollution. After separation and sorting equipment, the copper recycling rate in waste circuit boards is as high as 99%.

For the recycling of waste circuit boards, primary shredding, secondary shredding, and tertiary shredding are adopted to make it a mixture of metal and resin fiber powder; In order to prevent dust pollution during processing, a bag dust removal device is added after the wind separation process, which effectively solves the problem of dust pollution.

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