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Gravity sorters for screening scrap copper and aluminum and other metals are shipped

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At the end of 2023, an old customer from India ordered a high-efficiency gravity screening machine. Although the order cycle is relatively tight, but through the hard work of our colleagues, the machine has been shipped before the Chinese New Year. 

The customer has been engaged in the waste recycling industry in India for many years, and the business scope mainly includes recycling of waste wires, waste motors, waste copper and aluminum water tanks, waste TV sets and refrigerators, waste batteries, etc. 

Five years ago, the customer purchased a set of recycling equipment from our company. In 2023, with the effective suppression of the global novel coronavirus, the demand for all kinds of raw materials in the market is gradually rising, and the prices of all kinds of raw materials are also steadily increasing.

In order to meet their own production needs, the user took the initiative to contact our company to purchase a gravity screening machine to improve their own factory capacity. 

In the communication with customers, he mentioned that due to the rapid improvement of science and technology, the market has emerged a large number of consumer goods that are convenient for People's Daily life, such as gorgeous clothing, all kinds of electronic equipment, electric vehicles, and abundant food. While these items bring convenience to people, they also produce a lot of garbage. In the eyes of the professionals, this garbage is a treasure for mining, waiting for them to dig deeper. In the New Year, I wish the user all the best and career success.